OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALots of people have been asking me for some good books to read or buy. So I am adding a book list page and will review all the books listed! All these books I own and have read and read again. I am always looking for old rabbit books that I do not own (one of my hobbies collecting old rabbit books). I love the old ones! If you have any good ones let me know!

RAISING FISHWORMS with RABBITS- by Howard Mays, copyright 1976. Good book, Highly Recommend! This is a small, 60 page softcover, Full of info on raising worms with rabbits! How to start small and end up big! Good story to start the book. Then it gets into worm reproduction, feeding worms, bedding for worms and all you need to know to put worms under your hutches.

DOMESTIC RABBIT PRODUCTION- by George s. Templeton, copyright 1955. One of my favorite books, This is a small, 213 page hardcover, Full of anything you have to know about rabbits! Even recipes. This book was written after 23 years of the authors experimental work with breeding, feeding, and managing a herd of rabbits at the US Rabbit Experiment Station.

Story’s Guide to RAISING RABBITS- by Bob Bennett, Great book! Bob has written a few books on raising rabbits all are worth reading and will eventually all be listed here. A Great idea for a Portable Abattoir . Lots and lots of great stuff!

KEEPING POULTRY AND RABBITS ON SCRAPS- by Claude Goodchild and Alan Thompson, copyright 1941. One of my top ten! Lots of stuff on feeding rabbits before pellets, If you want to feed a natural diet you have to read this book. It is available as a reprint today. An added bonus if you raise chickens also!

RAISING RABBITS- by Ann Kanable, copyright 1977, Awesome book! A must read lots of good stuff. Inexpensive but loads of information this should be in on any rabbit raisers bookshelf.

HOW TO RAISE RABBITS FOR FOOD AND FUR- by Frank G. Ashbrook, copyright 1951. Lots of good ideas and plans for cages, feeders, and more! Lots of good information on feeding rabbits.This book is a great investment if you can find it!

RABBITS for food and profit- Edited by Lee Schwanz, copyright 1982. Great informative book! Worth buying or checking out from your library.

How To Raise Rabbits For Fun and Profit- by Milton L. Faivre, copyright 1973. General information and some good ideas.

BACKYARD RABBIT FARMING- by Ann Williams -Prism Press, This is a awsome rabbit book, and definitely a top 10 to own. Great for all rabbit breeders, beginners or veterans. I found this copy at a bookstore that sells used books for only 4.00. This was written in Great Britain in 1978 and has lots of good information on feeding and growing crops for rabbit feed. Even a chapter on harvesting wild rabbits! For the price I paid for this book some of the information was priceless!

KEEPING RABBITS- by Elisabeth Downing, Got this book at the same time as the BACKYARD RABBIT FARMING book, also for only 4.00 at a used bookstore. The last few books I have read, are from Great Britain and are really good on the idea of raising rabbits with a natural feed diet, for the economic reason and the health of the rabbits. Another top 10 to own. The feeding chapter in this book alone is worth the 4.00 I paid. Look for this book! I highly recommend it

Comfrey, Fodder, Food & Remedy- by Lawrence D. Hills, This book is everything it says it is. It is not rabbit related but if you have rabbits you should grow Comfrey and this book has all the Comfrey information in one place.

  1. I have some rabbits that have the run’s y and what can I do to stop this some have pass’t away from this

  2. Barbara Grann

    I’m excited to see that you have included books in your site. I use this site on a daily basis for information. Are these books for sale, or do you include the information from them in your Web site?

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