Beyond The Pellet -Feeding Rabbits Naturally

The book is now available in Kindle formant soon to be available in paperback check it out! I have a few more books in the works. cover beyond the pellet


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  1. Looking forward to buying the paperback!

  2. Hi, Just wondering if this was available in pdf format or nook. I have a nook and it’s not compatable with kindle format.

    Can’t wait to read it, but am hoping to get it on my nook so I can read it easier since it lets me make the print bigger.


  3. Hi, I’m sorry I don’t know what’s the best way to contact you. I have six French angora rabbits who have come down with snuffles some worse then others, they have been on baytril for a week but there are possible two or three that don’t seem to be recovering well enough. Besides culling do you know what herbs you mentioned or anything else that would work well with the baytril so they can recover. I really love you sight, can’t wait to read more articles. Thanks! Kim

    • I am sorry to say this, but I would Cull, but you should go with what you feel is right, ECHINACEA -Immune system stimulant and broad spectrum antibiotic. In the lower doses it’s the stimulant and in higher doses acts as an antibiotic. Anti-inflammatory with anti-viral properties. It can be grown in nearly every backyard and easily available at most health food stores. Echinacea is a great preventive herb to use for your rabbits. I feed a few leaves every now a then to my rabbits daily greens mix to boost the immune system and fight infection. Research has shown that Echinacea increases production of interferon in the body. It is antiseptic and antimicrobial, with properties that act to increase the number of white blood cells available to destroy bacteria and slow the spread of infection. It is also a great herb to dry and add to your winter hay blend! You can also get the capsules at heath food stores add 4 capsules of the Echinacea to one gallon of water and boil and cool store in fridge and add 1/4 herb water to 3/4 water and fill water bottles, crocks, etc.

  4. matthe n gooseneck

    I just bought the kindle edition. I’m looking fwd to it.

  5. What’s that cutting tool on the cover?

  6. We would like our rabbits to get off of pellet completely, but it will take a while. For most of the summer, we fed them “fresh hay,” aka grass with nutritious weeds. We are unable to have a dedicated rabbit garden, but are planning on double duty crops that we and they can eat next year. We feed them hay and pellets over the winter. We have been watching “Wartime Farm.” In one of the episodes, they make silage for the dairy cows using edible (for them) weeds. It was rather small area (compared to the silos on the farms I have seen) that they layered, compressed by walking on it, poured (if they really only used the amount shown, it was much) molasses over it, covered it with clay, and kept the rain off of it. The cows ate the little that they made for the program. Can rabbits eat silage made from grass and (edible for them) weeds?

  7. Do you know when the book version will be available? Many thanks.

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