Spoil and keep your rabbits safe by giving them a radio!

Playing a radio in your rabbitry will benefit your rabbits by making them more accustomed to unusual sounds and less likely to panic and hurt themselves by running around the cage .

Rabbits being prey animals, are generally timid and easy to startle. A sudden kick with its hind legs or excited run around the cage is all it takes to snap the rabbit’s backbone and render it paralyzed. Because the rabbits will be used to other noises they will be less excitable and less stressed thus giving you more relaxed, happy, healthy rabbits.

I have a friend who raises fancy (expensive) chickens and always had a radio playing day and night to keep predators away. He never had a problem until one night his wife turned off the radio. The next day every one of his chickens was gone.

You will also enjoy the music when you are feeding, cleaning, grooming, and just hanging out with the rabbits.

At night I change the station to talk radio so predator’s and even humans may think someone is out in the rabbitry. Even a police scanner would work.

So let your rabbits jam out to your favorite tunes or mellow out with some classical background music.


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  1. Do you have any thoughts on hanging nest boxes?Thanks Ma OZ

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    • I have used many styles of nestboxes in my years of raising rabbits. I have used hooks to hang my boxes to the side of cages to keep the doe from moving the box, I have also use external hanging boxes the have worked great.

  2. Oh that’s so cool!! I think I’m going to try and do that!! It would be nice to listen to music while I’m cleaning out the cages to if you know what I mean. 😉 So I now own 34 rabbits. 17 are young kits. 7 are 6 weeks old. And the rest are adults. I’m on the lookout for a good buck. I want a silver fox sooo bad so I might be contacting someone soon to see if he has any. Aurora, my pure NZ doe that I bought from you, had a really nice rabbit in her 3 litter. She only had two, one died at birth, but the one surviver made it. The one kit turned out to be a doe. And she is fat, friendly, and loves eating anything and everything. Like you just open the cage and she’s right there. She won’t move when you pet her and will actually fall asleep if you pet her long enough. She’s kinda slow, and has kind short legs, ears, and muzzle so it kinda gives her a dwarf look. Lol I named her Fatty and she’s close to four months now. But I want to get her a good buck so that’s what I’ve been up to.


  3. Great to read this. My little herd has had a steady diet of 60-70s R&B, and all manner of jazz since I got started 4 years ago. It’s definitely soothing for the buns. AND…. a little Ray Charles at just the right time ensures big healthy litters. It’s true!

  4. Great idea, especially like the thought it might help keep predators away at night!

  5. Good idea! I really want chickens, but am put off by the thought of other creatures that may congregate.

  6. thank you this is amazing stuff, hope you post more now then it looks like you have in the last 2 years, thanks for sharing

  7. I have 3 rabbit barns and each has their own radio. Not only does it keep them use to the unusual noises so they are not spooked easily, but it also keeps predators away. I also have chickens on my farm and have had no problems with predators. Music has a calming effect just like most humans experience.

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