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Raising Meat Rabbits To Save The World! Join The Rabbit Revolution! Like Us On FACEBOOK! Selling Breeding Stock Pure and Hybrid Crosses. We are more than just a rabbitry we are a way of life!

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  1. Rick I listened to the podcast, sounded great and you represented well. I would like to hear more about your blue eyed whites “Sinatras”. I too just started a breeding program with NZW to get the blue eyes. Also, based on your website I planted some comfrey this season and the rabbits say Thank You! Need to do a little more research on the other uses as a fertilizer.

  2. I listen to the YouCanHomestead podcast often and always enjoy it. I particularly enjoyed your interview. Your enthusiasm for what you do is contagious!

  3. I listen to youCANhomestead often and I particularly enjoyed your interview. Your enthusiasm for what you do is contagious!

  4. Thanks for all the information – I first heard of how great rabbits were when I donated to Heifer international a few years ago – I never considered raising them myself!

  5. What do you recommend to treat ear mites. Lois. Cotterly@hotmail.com

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